Game 60-something: Scherzer’s gonna Scherz.

After a rocky first inning in which Scherzer allowed two runs– a Raburn throwing error helped the Indians out– he got his shit together and managed to pitch into the sixth inning.

It didn’t look very good in the beginning. Scherzer was getting hit hard and even the outs were loud and scary. Thankfully, those two first inning runs were the only runs the Indians would get, as Scherzer and three relievers combined for the 6-2 victory.

Valverde did make it a little interesting in the ninth, but after he got the leadoff walk out of his system, he locked the game down. In a non-save situation, but still.

I’m interested to see if they talked to Scherzer after the game and whether he made any specific adjustments after the first inning.

Pictures will be uploaded to Flickr and linked to at some point.

Notes and observations:

  • Brennan Boesch is not a very good baserunner. Failing to advance to third on a sac fly? Meh.
  • Raburn is back in fans’ good graces if only for how long it takes them to consume a 25¢ chili dog at A&Ws.
  • Save the first and sixth innings, Scherzer looked okay.
  • Travis Buck apparently still has fans.
  • Umpire D.J. Reyburn did not make many friends. At least amongst Tigers fans. There were a fair amount of Indians fans there.
  • Until the rain came, the stadium was pretty packed.
  • Raburn’s homerun was a legitimate towering shot into the left field seats. That was slightly encouraging to see. And I want my chili dog, dammit.


    Everything sucked tonight. Defense, offense (minus a Don Kelly (???!!!) homerun), pitching. All of it. It sucked.

    Now I’m going to complain about the people complaining about Phil Coke being in the rotation.

    I apologize for this post not being funny and/or abusrd.

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    Game 54: Unmitigated Disaster

    Leyland: Hey, Raburn, you’re our starting second baseman now that that slug Sizemore is finally gone. [puffs on cigarette]
    Raburn: Woohoo! Consistent playing time! Yay!
    Leyland: On second thought, I think I’ll bench you again for no reason other than that I’m a dick.
    Raburn: Oh.
    Leyland: Wait, you have terrible numbers against Duensing and Andy Dirks is a better fielder, so I’m going to start you against Duensing and put you in left field again. The Twins won’t know what hit ’em!
    Raburn: ……………………………

    Basically, this is what happened in the last couple days.

    Leyland must just be doing this to fuck with Raburn. He hates him and wants him off the team but DD is reluctant to just cut bait and eat his salary, so Leyland is engaging in an elaborate mindfuck with Raburn until his spirit is broken and he quits on his own.

    This is cruel and unusual, Jim Leyland. CRUEL and UNUSUAL.

    * * *

    Raburn, everybody’s favorite whipping boy that isn’t named Jim Leyland, got a base hit.

    * * *

    … what in blue blazes just happened.

    * * *

    Via beckjason, Tigers beat writer: Leyland on why Raburn over Boesch in LF: Raburn could then move to 2B if Dirks pinch-hit for Worth later.

    Oh. I see.