Musings about Phil Coke, Ryan Raburn, Rod Allen, and stuff.

Phil Coke didn’t have a great game. He got off to a decent enough start, but seemed rattled by the Raburn error and couldn’t get it back together after that.

His emo post-game didn’t help either. I hope Raburn gave him a big hug.

Ryan Raburn made an error on what probably would have been a force out, if not a double play. It led to an unearned run and kind of opened the floodgates. You have to imagine Raburn is hearing the boos now. I feel kind of bad for him, as I don’t think he’s this terrible. He’s been bad before, sure, but this feels like unprecedented depths for Raburn.

I’m waiting for him to go on his customary second half surge.

Rod Allen apparently likes to search for his name on da Twitterz. Like so: Continue reading