Fun With Roster Pics!

It’s time for that age-old tradition: bad Photo Day roster shots!

If you’re anything like me, you wait with bated breath for Photo Day to roll along. Inevitably, almost every picture will be godawful, and you get a great sense of schadenfreude as you gleefully pick apart all the flaws of your favorite ballplayers (which have been magnified by the camera lens for your viewing pleasure). :D

Admittedly, the Tigers’ shots aren’t as bad as some teams’ (such as the San Francisco Giants, who apparently conducted their shoot in the basement of an insane asylum, complete with asylum residents), but there are still gems to be had!

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VMart’s (possibly) done for the season. What now?

my creys
photo by Alexandra Simon (AKA me)

Surely you’ve all heard the news by now. On the off chance you live under a rock, however: Victor Martinez suffers knee injury, likely out for 2012

Semi-relatedly, a potential VMart replacement target in Carlos Peña just signed with the Tampa Bay Rays, according to MLB Trade Rumors.

Dombrowski has time, resources, and options, and it seems like he’s going to explore all those options before making a decision. Some fans hammer him for being too deliberate and thorough, but at this point in his tenure, I think it’s safe to trust he’ll make the decision that’s best for the team in the short- and long-term.


Everything sucked tonight. Defense, offense (minus a Don Kelly (???!!!) homerun), pitching. All of it. It sucked.

Now I’m going to complain about the people complaining about Phil Coke being in the rotation.

I apologize for this post not being funny and/or abusrd.

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