Tigers’ Phil Coke Doing Good Work On and Off the Mound

Note to bullies: don't mess with Phil Coke. (US Presswire)

While most Tigers fans enjoyed the scheduled off-day following a difficult four game series against the formidable Texas Rangers, left-handed reliever Phil Coke was doing important work—but not on the pitcher’s mound. Tonight, Coke testified in front of the National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence, and shared his his own history of childhood bullying.

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Justin Verlander is a god amongst mere mortals, Tip a Tiger, and OLIVEROSWTFBBQ

Justin Verlander ~*~*labored*~*~ through seven innings– and still managed to nab a quality start and a victory. He’s now 11-3, with a stellar 2.32 ERA and a miniscule 0.86 WHIP. What’s left to say about Verlander that hasn’t already been said? I’d say he’s a god amongst mere mortals, but I said that about him after his last start.

The Tigers took part in the Tip a Tiger event at CJ Mahoney’s Sports Grille in Troy tonight. Alex Avila, Kristina Avila, Phil Coke, Bobbie Brough (Coke’s fiancée), and Brennan Boesch were all celebrity waitstaff, apparently.

I am ANGAR I didn’t find out about this until 10:30 pm. Until next year, Tip a Tiger. Until next year.

OLIVEROSWTFBBQ! Lester Oliveros is being recalled from Toledo and Chance Ruffin is being recalled from Erie to take his place on the AAA team. No word on the Tigers’ corresponding move, but there’s speculation that someone will be going on the DL. It’s possible a trade is in the works or someone is being swapped out for Oliveros, but that doesn’t seem very likely at this point. Spit it out, Internets! Check out Tigers Amateur Analysis and Bless You Boys for up-to-date news.


Looks like Al Alburquerque is indeed going on the DL with elbow inflammation. (h/t Jon Morosi)


I have some more to say about the Phil Coke in the Starting Rotation Experiment, but I’ll save that for later.

Musings about Phil Coke, Ryan Raburn, Rod Allen, and stuff.

Phil Coke didn’t have a great game. He got off to a decent enough start, but seemed rattled by the Raburn error and couldn’t get it back together after that.

His emo post-game didn’t help either. I hope Raburn gave him a big hug.

Ryan Raburn made an error on what probably would have been a force out, if not a double play. It led to an unearned run and kind of opened the floodgates. You have to imagine Raburn is hearing the boos now. I feel kind of bad for him, as I don’t think he’s this terrible. He’s been bad before, sure, but this feels like unprecedented depths for Raburn.

I’m waiting for him to go on his customary second half surge.

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It’s 1:00 AM. Must be time to bitch about Phil Coke.

Don’t bother reading this. It’s honestly nothing more than me ranting like a crazyperson. I just needed to vomit this out.

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Game 66: The Tigers Offense Hates Phil Coke

Prior to tonight’s game, the Tigers offense averaged 3.64 runs per game in Coke’s starts and 2.3 runs when he’s actually pitching– tied for worst in the AL. (h/t Fire Gerald Laird.)

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Everything sucked tonight. Defense, offense (minus a Don Kelly (???!!!) homerun), pitching. All of it. It sucked.

Now I’m going to complain about the people complaining about Phil Coke being in the rotation.

I apologize for this post not being funny and/or abusrd.

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This is why we can’t have nice things, Jim Leyland.

The Tigers lost a game they should have won because Valverde threw SIXTY goddamn pitches last night. SIXTY.

And now you can probably add both Perry and Coke to the list of relievers who won’t be available for Sunday’s game. All because Jim Leyland left Valverde in Friday’s game in hopes of his arm falling off, apparently.

Good job, Leyland. *slow sarcastic golf clap*