In the words of Torii Hunter: That was stupid. It was all stupid. Everybody was stupid.

So, that game. Weaver almost upstaged the Weaver/Verlander pitchers’ duel all on his own.

I really do think Ordoñez was checking to see if his homerun ball was fair or foul, but Guillén and Weaver both acted like asses, imo.

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Game 105: So, that happened.



Yeah. It’s no Armando Galarraga/Alex Avila slap fight though.

It’s pretty easy to sum this one up: Penny was awful, Purcey was awful, and seven runs should be more than enough to win.

I was busy getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist’s so I missed a chunk of the game, including the moment where Purcey was lifted with a 2-0 count. Amazing.

According to Oakland Press writer @matthewbmowery, clubhouse doors were closed for twenty minutes after the game ended. At first I thought maybe they were announcing David Purcey is to be fed to hungry lions at the Detroit Zoo tomorrow morning, but it seems more likely Leyland lit into them for being a bunch of lollygaggers.

Justin Verlander is a god amongst mere mortals, Tip a Tiger, and OLIVEROSWTFBBQ

Justin Verlander ~*~*labored*~*~ through seven innings– and still managed to nab a quality start and a victory. He’s now 11-3, with a stellar 2.32 ERA and a miniscule 0.86 WHIP. What’s left to say about Verlander that hasn’t already been said? I’d say he’s a god amongst mere mortals, but I said that about him after his last start.

The Tigers took part in the Tip a Tiger event at CJ Mahoney’s Sports Grille in Troy tonight. Alex Avila, Kristina Avila, Phil Coke, Bobbie Brough (Coke’s fiancée), and Brennan Boesch were all celebrity waitstaff, apparently.

I am ANGAR I didn’t find out about this until 10:30 pm. Until next year, Tip a Tiger. Until next year.

OLIVEROSWTFBBQ! Lester Oliveros is being recalled from Toledo and Chance Ruffin is being recalled from Erie to take his place on the AAA team. No word on the Tigers’ corresponding move, but there’s speculation that someone will be going on the DL. It’s possible a trade is in the works or someone is being swapped out for Oliveros, but that doesn’t seem very likely at this point. Spit it out, Internets! Check out Tigers Amateur Analysis and Bless You Boys for up-to-date news.


Looks like Al Alburquerque is indeed going on the DL with elbow inflammation. (h/t Jon Morosi)


I have some more to say about the Phil Coke in the Starting Rotation Experiment, but I’ll save that for later.

Game 62: RAGE REDUX!

Leadoff triple stranded.


Leadoff double stranded.


Good friggin’ job, guys. You should be proud of yourselves. Tonight, they’re 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position.

At least that extra base hit streak is still alive, amirite?

* * *

Oh hey, the Mariners had a runner in scoring position and he just scored. Will you look at that!

* * *

This feels like one of those games the Tigers of April/May would not be able to come back to win.

I don’t think I’ve quite gotten out of that “DOOM DOOM DOOM!” mindset, and maybe for good reason, from the looks of this game.

* * *


If they strand him at third, they are going to die.

* * *

Don Kelly didn’t want to die, so he singled in Avila. Tigers take the lead, and I am astonished we are no longer losing.

* * *


Let’s see how many innuendo-laden comments I can make about Doug Fister now.