Links roundup for 7/27/2011:

  • One mistake costs Scherzer, Tigers. And a whole lot of faily at bats with runners in scoring position, looks like.
  • Juan Pierre looks up to Darryl Cousins for mercy and finds none. Darryl Cousins is a cruel tormentor of men’s souls, and also his strikezone is inconsistent, at best.
  • Ryan Raburn, month-by-month. The fact that people are so desperate to get him off the team at the deadline and for next to nothing simply because they want him gone amazes me. Can we just not play him in May? That seems doable. Or maybe we could revisit my Raburn/Boesch Frankenstein’s monster idea.
  • Dave Dombrowski looks like a bumblebee. Oh yeah, something about Ilitch’s desire for a championship yadda yadda bork LOOK AT DAVE DOMBROWSKI’S SHIRTS!!! THE STRIPES!!!!
  • ALL IS DOOM! ALL IS DOOM! Alburquerque unavailable, to be checked out Thursday. ;____; If those people crowing “Alberto Zumaya!!!” would kindly shut up now, that would be nice.
  • Everyone’s favorite whipping boy had a big night in Toledo, feasting on AAA pitching. I’m surprised there weren’t unironic calls to #freebrandoninge after that game.
  • Get the latest news on trade deadline rumors and deals. Oh, hey, Edwin Jackson is on his seventh team in … five years, is it?

  • Detroit Tigers rumors over yonder at MLBTR. Hopefully this Tigers-related radio silence means DD has something big up his sleeve?

  • Why You Should Stop Trusting Twitter. Hilarious and alarming.
  • Zubazpalooza is coming to Comerica Park on Sunday! What is Zubazpalooza? Well, you get a ticket to a pre-game party and … these pants. Yeah, I have no idea what the heck this is. Who would wear these pants, besides a rapper from the ’90s?

    Also, in case you didn’t notice, CatsWithBats has a new header and blog title! :D


    The MudHens’ game is still going on just went final while I was typing this up, but Andy Oliver turned in 7.1 innings of decent ball. He held the Norfolk Tides to three runs on three hits, with seven strikeouts and three walks. It’ll be interesting to see if any scouts were there specifically to watch Oliver and what they thought about his performance.

    After Oliver was pulled, Lester Oliveros came in and promptly blew the lead. Norfolk wins 5-4.


    Tigers lost a close one 2-1 to the White Sox. I didn’t see it as I slept through most of the game, save the first minute or so. Sounds like they were overswinging, perhaps to overcompensate for the fact they haven’t been hitting for much power in this series? Whatever the case, Leyland sounded miffed.

    Also, they wasted an Austin Jackson homerun, for Paws’ sake. How often do those come around? You have to capitalize on those!



    I can’t believe I forgot to mention that Cleveland got no hit by Ervin Santana! I believe this was the first no hitter ever at the Jake.

    Cleveland actually was winning that game until the fifth inning too, thanks to an Erick Aybar error and a wild pitch.

    It was Anaheim’s first complete game no hitter since Mike Witt threw a perfect game in 1984 (Mark Langston and Mike Witt tossed a combined no hitter in 1990). It was the first no hitter that wasn’t a shut out since Darryl Kile’s 7-1 no hitter in 1993.

  • Musings about Phil Coke, Ryan Raburn, Rod Allen, and stuff.

    Phil Coke didn’t have a great game. He got off to a decent enough start, but seemed rattled by the Raburn error and couldn’t get it back together after that.

    His emo post-game didn’t help either. I hope Raburn gave him a big hug.

    Ryan Raburn made an error on what probably would have been a force out, if not a double play. It led to an unearned run and kind of opened the floodgates. You have to imagine Raburn is hearing the boos now. I feel kind of bad for him, as I don’t think he’s this terrible. He’s been bad before, sure, but this feels like unprecedented depths for Raburn.

    I’m waiting for him to go on his customary second half surge.

    Rod Allen apparently likes to search for his name on da Twitterz. Like so: Continue reading

    How do you solve a problem like Raburn?

    (Sung to the tune of “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria,” from The Sound of Music.)

    Some Tigers fans think Ryan Raburn should be designated for assignment. They’d rather risk giving him up for nothing than keeping him on the team and hoping for the best. It’s the only logical thing to do, obviously, since Raburn isn’t known for having ridiculously hot second halves or anything.

    Oh, wait.

    My solution is obvious: Brennan Boesch is a streaky first half player and Ryan Raburn is a streaky second half player. Find out a way to combine them into one player to maximize their talents. Therefore, you have Boesch’s first half and Raburn’s second half– in one guy! They’re the perfect player!

    Continue reading