Outside the Bounds of Reason: Happy Trails, Ryan Raburn

The one thing you must understand is that my lack of disdain for the very disdain-worthy Ryan Raburn isn’t entirely rational. I can’t explain or reason with it any more than I can explain or reason away any number of my odd, irrational attachments.

Raburn isn’t a very good player. He has his moments of brilliance, as do most Major Leaguers; he was good enough to make it to the Majors and be a mediocre to downright bad replacement level (or worse) player. There are plenty who never made it that would probably give nearly anything to walk a mile in Raburn’s cleats.

My entirely irrational fondness for Raburn lies in a family death in 2009.

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Yet another links roundup: Links for 3-18-2012

  • Extrapolation – Everyone’s favorite disembodied Tiger pitcher’s brain draws some conclusions after the first three games of Spring Training. Perennial whipping boy, Ryan Raburn, will hit 108 home runs and drive in 324 runs!

  • Why Doug Fister Is Not a One Year Wonder – Ben Duronio at Fangraphs attempts to shoot down the notion that Doug Fister will be a one-hit wonder, and does a pretty good job of it.

  • Michael Rosenberg: Rick Porcello’s time with Tigers hinges on this year’s sinker – What it says on the tin: the Freep‘s Michael Rosenberg believes Porcello’s potential success in the upcoming season hinges on his sinker.

  • Red Sox Pete Ruiz acts out Tim Kurkjian – Yet another MLBer attempts to impersonate Tim Kurkjian. Better or worse than J.P. Arencibia’s effort? (video)

  • With Miguel Cabrera at Third, Tigers Have Options With Prized-Prospect Nick Castellanos – Austin Drake at Detroit Tigers Scorecard takes a look at the Tigers’ options regarding top positional prospect, Nick Castellanos.

  • Secondary Spring Training Storylines To Watch – Matt Snyder at The Tigers Den gives a short rundown of interesting storylines—that don’t involve Cabrera’s weight, move to third, or anything to do with Brandon Inge—to follow as Spring unfolds.

  • SI’s Joe Sheehan Flat-out Lied about Miguel Cabrera’s Defense at Third Base – Snyder also digs into defensive stats, and shows that Joe Sheehan, a respected writer in sabermetric circles, is being deceptive or is just plain mistaken about Cabrera’s defense at third base as a Marlin.

  • Rays’ Rhymes Looking for His Chance – Ex-Tiger Will Rhymes is looking for a “fair chance” in Tampa Bay. (video)

  • Newcomer Perry hopes trade to Nationals will help rebuild confidence – Ex-Tiger Ryan Perry is hoping for a fresh start with his new organization.

  • A Few Words On Joel ZumayaFire Gerald Laird‘s Grey Papke takes a look back on Joel Zumaya’s Tigers career.

  • Day 10: Why Miguel Cabrera gets itJason Beck writes about Miguel Cabrera’s newer, healthier lifestyle.

  • Why Your Baseball Team Sucks, 2012 Edition – Fire Gerald Laird breaks down every MLB team—even pre-season favorites like Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Texas, and Detroit—and provides compelling reasons why they might falter once the games start counting.

  • Welcome to the Perfect Club – Tigers ace Justin Verlander tries to sneak into the MLB2K12 Perfect Club, with hilarious results. MLB2K beats MLB the Show in terms of commercials, at least. (video)

  • Can Rick Porcello Take A Step Forward? – John Verburg over at Motor City Bengals wants to know if Rick Porcello can take that necessary step forward and up his game.

  • Jack Curry Works For the Yankees, Does He Still Deserve Credit For Breaking Yankees News? – You might have missed Jack Curry of YES Network going off on Buster Olney for not crediting him for breaking the Andy Pettitte story. Which side do you fall on?

  • Panicked About Jacob Turner? Don’t Be. – Nathaniel Stoltz of Seedlings to Stars gives Tigers fans plenty of good reasons not to jump off the Turner bandwagon just yet.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, The Detroit Tigers Fifth Starter Candidates – Grey shows off his Photoshop skillz. Also, the Tigers’ fifth starter candidates as the Rolling Stones!

  • Yes, I Like Derek Jeter And No, He’s Not My Favorite Player – Stacey Gotsulias of Spreadin’ the News takes a look at the sexism female sports fans often face.

  • 100 Easy Ways To Lose a Man – And Mac at Third Street Kings takes apart a sexist article at Seed Spitters. Things like Baseball Boyfriend, Joe Simpson’s sexist comments, and articles like the Seed Spitters piece, for example, might seem like harmless fun, but they’re really not. They just perpetuate the idea that female sports fans are less than their male counterparts. Don’t dismiss us just because we don’t fit your “idea” of what a sports fan is or should be.

  • 20 Questions With Not Ryan RaburnNot Ryan Raburn was kind enough to answer some questions the other day!

    And a bunch of stuff from yours truly over at the Detroit Tigers Scorecard:

  • Joaquín the Walk and Talking the Talk: Was Benoit More Valuable Than Valverde? – Yours truly wonders if José Valverde was truly the Tigers’ most valuable reliever.

  • What Can We Expect From Ryan Raburn? – I’m waiting on that Rabinge hybrid, science!

  • Top Prospect Jacob Turner Diagnosed with Tendinitis, Fanbase Panics in Record Time – Keep calm, Tigers fandom!
  • In ‘water is wet, grass is green’ news: Joel Zumaya Injured Again

    Minnesota Twins relief pitcher Joel Zumaya throws a pitch during a baseball spring training workout Friday, Feb. 24, 2012, in Fort Myers, Fla. (AP photo/Daylife.com)

    As was reported by various news outlets, former Tiger Joel Zumaya suffered a season-ending elbow injury. Zumaya, who hasn’t pitched since June of 2010, was hoping to resurrect his career with the rival Minnesota Twins after signing with them in the offseason.

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