how will we cope with the long, cold, bitter, Tigers-less winter?

So, the Tigers’ season is officially over and in spectacular fashion. They made history in becoming the only team in MLB history to not win a division they were leading by three games with four games to go in the season. They lost a heartbreaking one-game playoff. Now what?

How will we cope during the long, cold, bitter, Tigers-less winter? Some of us will distract ourselves with the Red Wings, others the Pistons, Wolverines and Spartans. Some of us will even turn our hopeful eye to the *gasp* Lions!

Some of us will wither and die from lack of baseball like flowers without sunshine and water.

Just keep this in the forefront of your minds: there are roughly 130 days until the earliest voluntary reporting date.

Sit tight.

Tigers address their lack of hitting with … a left handed starter

So the Tigers made an early splash by getting Jarrod Washburn from the Mariners for relatively little– just Luke French and Mauricio Robles. Good. He can bolster the rotation and slip into the third spot. He can eat some of Porcello’s innings too, I’m sure.

But they couldn’t swing a deal for a left-handed hitter? Was every team with a left-handed bat available asking for Rick Porcello, Ryan Perry and Casey Crosby? They couldn’t even land Luke Scott, who sucks against everyone but the Tigers?

And the MFWS finally landed Jake Peavy. No guarantee that he’ll pitch again this season though, according to Bob Nightengale’s twitter. Interesting.

IDK, IDK. I would have liked a left-handed bat too.

lulz at the people whining and handing the division over to the MFWS because they got Peavy, who’s injured, and we didn’t get a bat. Okay Debbie Downers, go jump off the bandwagon now.

Oh, I forgot about this thing.

So, a lot’s happened in Tigerland. Most of it has to do with Zumaya and his bi-monthly trips to the disabled list. The good news is that he’s hoping to get back sometime this season. The bad news is, obviously, he’s hurt. This leaves the Tigers to consider their options: do they go after an arm at the deadline? Hope Jeremy Bonderman can be that boost to the relief corps? Or pray to the baseball gods that Zumaya’s body parts stay attached at least until the end of October?

We shall see.

Oh yeah, I was also working on a Tigers/White Sox version of Romeo and Juliet, but I could only get through the prologue before I got bored and gave up. Alas. Maybe some other time you’ll get to see A.J. Pierzynski and Justin Verlander swordfight.

Murphy’s Law Hates the Tigers.

Amaury Nolasco and Leo Nuñez combined to hold the Tigers to zero hits today. That’s right, zero hits. At least it was only a Spring Training game. I’m not too concerned. We are still missing the meat of our lineup.

Anyway, Korea will be taking on Japan in the World Baseball Classic championship game. It’ll presumably be Jung Keun Bong vs. Hisashi Iwakuma (‘though Yu Darvish could still start). GO KOREA!!!!!!!

That’s how I roll.

Yeah, less than 24 hours after posting about my Blogger blog on Livejournal, I went and migrated to WordPress.  I’d hate me too, folks, especially if you were actually following me on Blogger.

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