Let us imagine a beautiful world where I had an MVP vote.

It would have gone to– wait for it– José Bautista.

Yes, José Bautista.

No, I don’t think pitchers are undeserving of MVP consideration. As long as the rules state pitchers should be considered for MVP, I am fine with a pitcher winning the award. I do think he was the best pitcher in the AL, and I think he was a worthy MVP candidate, but Bautista would have gotten my vote if I had one. If you put a gun to my head and a ballot in my hand, I probably would have gone Bautista, Ellsbury, Cabrera, Verlander.

I don’t really feel like getting into the whys right now, since it’s 3 am, but this is pretty good.

I will leave you with this:

(Any hate mail will be posted and its writers will be publicly shamed for all to see.)

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