your unrealistic trade proposals suck

It’s that time of the year when fans throw out however many trade proposals they can, no matter how unrealistic they might be and without regard to the teams’ needs.

The Braves want outfielders for Prado and/or Jurrjens, so hay Tigers, just give them Dirks and Raburn! Git ‘r done, Dumbrowski!!

Or, hay the As want middle infielders so just trade them Danny Worth, Will Rhymes, and Don Kelly for Gio Gonzalez right nao!

No. Stop it.

You can’t get some other team to take your organizational filler for their good players like this is MLB the Show and you turned on the “force trades” setting. Offer Billy Beane a package of Worth, Rhymes, and Kelly for Gio Gonzalez and he’ll promptly hang up, but not before laughing his ass off at you.

And, yeah, trading for Headley of San Diego or Prado of Atlanta would be nice, but let’s be realistic. Atlanta doesn’t need starting pitching, which we have an abundance of. They want outfielders. I can’t see the Tigers and Braves making a trade for Prado, unless the Tigers got a third team involved.

As for San Diego, they want a starting pitcher and a corner infielder, but probably not a third baseman because Jedd Gyorko exists (h/t @garretkc). So Castellanos is likely out. But what other corner infield prospects do the Tigers have? Aaron Westlake is a first baseman, but they wouldn’t be able to trade him yet as he was taken in the 2011 draft. And I highly doubt Ryan Strieby is just oozing with trade value right now. Don’t mention Scott Thorman. Don’t even.

Also, please just stop with the Jair Jurrjens stuff. He was traded by the Tigers because of injury concerns in the first place, which haven’t exactly gone away in the ensuing years. He hasn’t been consistently healthy, like, ever. Plus, the Braves will probably ask for Boesch, or . . . I don’t even know if the Tigers have any other attractive OF trade candidates (don’t you dare say Raburn or Dirks). Anyway, Jurrjens isn’t worth a Boesch, imo.

Also, don’t forget the Tigers did give up a lot in the Fister trade. They don’t have a lot to work with right now, trades-wise. A Casper Wells (plus other pieces) might land you Prado. But hey, we don’t have a Casper Wells in the trade bait cabinet anymore!

They might be best served to look elsewhere for second base or third base help, via free agency.

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