In the words of Torii Hunter: That was stupid. It was all stupid. Everybody was stupid.

So, that game. Weaver almost upstaged the Weaver/Verlander pitchers’ duel all on his own.

I really do think Ordoñez was checking to see if his homerun ball was fair or foul, but Guillén and Weaver both acted like asses, imo.

Avila, the epitome of class, barely reacted after getting his tower buzzed. Never uttered a word to Weaver, never looked at him, nothing. Leyland called Weaver a “cool customer,” but I think that description more accurately fits Avila after this whole mess, honestly.

I am, by no means, pinning this all on Weaver, but he could have handled it differently. Like not throwing at the head of a player who had nothing to do with any of this. If Weaver had just thrown behind Avila but not at his head or even plunked him, he still comes off looking loads better than Guillén. Heck, if Weaver had charged Guillén as he crossed home plate, I’m sure he still comes off looking classier. I’m sorry, but headhunting isn’t cool and there’s no excuse for it.

Guillén said he and the Tigers’ dugout took issue with Weaver’s “disrespecting” of a fifteen-year veteran in Ordoñez and he disrespected Weaver right back. I understand his desire to stand up for Ordoñez, but he obviously escalated things. What, he didn’t think his homerun was enough payback?

Also Leyland DID NOT say Guillén wasn’t styling on Weaver. He clearly meant Ordoñez. It seemed pretty obvious what he thought Guillén did.

And people crying for Guillén to be suspended for taunting and/or justifying Weaver throwing at Avila’s head? Screw off.


Verlander was, once again, in beastmode. 7 2/3 no hit innings and eight innings/one hit allowed overall. Nine strikeouts.

If this performance didn’t put him at the front of the Cy Young race, I don’t even know.


I will have trade deadline thoughts at some point.


If you’re going to comment just to wank, go away.

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