What in the blue blazes is going on here?


Some of us tweeted at Buster Olney, but heard nothing. And Jason Beck, beat writer extraordinaire, was stonewalled by the Tigers when he inquired about Turner. (Beck blogged about the move here.)

It’s certainly a curious move, since no corresponding move was made and the Tigers had bowed out of the Ubaldo Jimenez sweepstakes. If Turner has indeed been brought to Detroit to be part of a trade, what could they possibly have gotten in return? I’ll tell you right now, assuming Ubaldo is out of the question, if Turner’s been dealt and it’s anything less than James Shields I’ll set Dombrowski’s striped polo shirts on fire.

No one the Tigers have been linked to is worth dealing Turner for, imo, except for Ubaldo and the Rockies’ steep demands have forced the Tigers out of the discussion. Could it be a #mysteryteam and a #mysterystarter?

Come on, DD, wake up and tell us what you’re up to.


Our friend Danny Knobler is on top of things:


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