Game 70: spoiler– they lose

Actually I don’t know for sure if they are going to lose this game because I’m about ten seconds from passing out, but as the score’s currently 13-5, I think it’s pretty safe to say they’re going to lose.

Porcello got clobbered.

Miguel Cabrera posed on a– single and cost the Tigers a run.

Everything about this game sucks, pretty much.

I just hope for one or all of the following, while I’m sleeping:

  • a bases clearing brawl
  • a position player pitching Looks like Marlboro Jim is going to deny me this simple request.
  • Huston Street coming in in the ninth and getting owned by Magglio. Again.

    Is that too much to ask?

    I had a long day. If my day could be quantified as shit, then this game would be the cherry on the shit cake of my day.

    Or something, I don’t know. I’ve been awake for eighteen hours and my brain has turned to mush.


    So I had this post written up before the game ended, but I didn’t post it until after the game ended. So it’s irrelevant now.

    Fuck Coors Field.

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