Game 66: The Tigers Offense Hates Phil Coke

Prior to tonight’s game, the Tigers offense averaged 3.64 runs per game in Coke’s starts and 2.3 runs when he’s actually pitching– tied for worst in the AL. (h/t Fire Gerald Laird.)

This is clearly because the Tigers offense hates Coke and wants Oliver or Furbush starting in his spot. Oliver, BTW, pitched six innings for Toledo and allowed an unearned run on nine strikeouts and five walks. Is that the “Free Andy Oliver … Again” bandwagon I hear revving up?

Sucks for Coke that he got yet another no decision after pitching well enough, but I’m just glad Benoit didn’t get the win after blowing the save. >:(

But Coke has a 1-6 record, so we’ll have to keep hearing about how bad he is and how the Tigers need to dip into their already thin minor league prospect jar for a real #4/#5, bring a guy back up from Triple-A Toledo who has shown he’s not ready yet (Oliver), replace Coke with a guy who projects best as a reliever (Furbush), or rush a guy up from Double-A Erie (Turner).

In other news, the Tigers are second to only Boston in winning percentage amongst AL teams since May 3rd.

The Tigers and Indians are in a virtual tie for first place and Chicago is only 3.5 back, but let’s panic about the Twins some more because “they always come back to win the division.”

Makes perfect sense to me!

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