How do you solve a problem like Raburn?

(Sung to the tune of “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria,” from The Sound of Music.)

Some Tigers fans think Ryan Raburn should be designated for assignment. They’d rather risk giving him up for nothing than keeping him on the team and hoping for the best. It’s the only logical thing to do, obviously, since Raburn isn’t known for having ridiculously hot second halves or anything.

Oh, wait.

My solution is obvious: Brennan Boesch is a streaky first half player and Ryan Raburn is a streaky second half player. Find out a way to combine them into one player to maximize their talents. Therefore, you have Boesch’s first half and Raburn’s second half– in one guy! They’re the perfect player!

… Just kidding. You can’t do that. And, actually, combining them into one megaplayer would probably be frowned upon by Major League Baseball. Some might see such a thing as performance enhancing.

I say: leave Raburn alone at second base and let him get consistent playing time. He doesn’t seem to be quite the liability up the middle as he is in the outfield either, though I’d have to check the stats to be sure. (And, even the stats say Raburn is nothing worse than an average Major League left fielder. Shocking, isn’t it?!)

If the Tigers could get a legitimate second baseman with league average or better defense and a good bat, I’d be all for it. Heck, I’d even consider Michael Young at this point, and I don’t like Michael Young. I just don’t think they will though, at least not at the deadline this season.

Someone like that would probably cost Andy Oliver or more and the Tigers aren’t exactly overflowing with sexy prospects to trade away. And the ones that most teams will ask for as a part of any potential trade are future cornerstones, like Jacob Turner and Nick Castellanos.

Anyway, Dombrowski doesn’t tend to pull off major blockbusters mid-season. He saves them for the offseason, and the Winter Meetings (think the Sheffield/Sanchez, Renteria/Jurrjens, Cabrera/Maybin/Miller, and Jackson/Scherzer/Jackson/Granderson deals, for instance). I could see Dombrowski swinging a lower key deal for a Jamey Carroll type to compliment what’s already on the team.

So, basically, Tigers fans, I think we might be stuck with Raburn. If that’s the case, let’s just hope he stays at second base. I’ve had enough of his adventures in left field for now.

This post has been brought to you by a lack of sleep.

7 thoughts on “How do you solve a problem like Raburn?


    As much as I want to strangle Raburn, what you said really makes a lot of sense. (But then what does Leyland do today, in the … 7th I think? … PUTS RABURN IN LEFT. Sigh.)

    • His recent seven game hitting streak was encouraging. I think what he really needs is consistent playing time, rather than being jerked around by Leyland.

      lol, Leyland likes making me look stupid. The thought of Raburn as a defensive replacement … I can’t even, Jim Leyland. I can’t.

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