Apparently Ryan Raburn hit a grand slam. I didn’t see it, so I don’t yet know if it exists or was merely a part of my dream.

* * *

Here is an image to illustrate my mental state following this game:

I think this had something to do with Raburn’s alleged grand slam. It made sense at the time.

* * *

The 2.5 game deficit is the closest the Tigers have been since April 26:

Indians are fading a bit while the Tigers are surging. Of course, we get to go into Texas to face the team that just dismantled Cleveland in a four game sweep while Cleveland gets … the Twins.

Oh well.

* * *

Tigers optioned Andy Oliver after the game to pave the way for David Purcey’s return from paternity leave. His wife was expecting … TWINS.


Uh, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Purcey on their new additions! I hope they name them Mauer and Morneau for da lulz.

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