Game 57: RAGE!

If I never see another bunt with a runner in scoring position, I will be a happy woman.

Jim Leyland, there is already a fucking runner in scoring position. You do not need to bunt to increase your chances of scoring. A base hit will probably score him. The bunt is superfluous.

* * *

The lack of base hits with runners in scoring position– off two struggling White Sox pitchers, no less– makes me want to smash things into tiny pieces with a sledgehammer, throw those tiny pieces into a blender, make a smoothie from those tiny pieces (with some chunks of frozen dog crap to add flavor) and then force the people I am raging at to choke it down.

* * *

Justin Verlander is above my rage and scorn. He is a golden god amongst mortals.

Come to me, Justin.

Shhhh, just come.

* * *

Austin Jackson just killed a 2-0 fastball for a leadoff triple.

Strand him and die.

* * *

If Boesch fails to hit a simple sac fly here, I am all for covering him in fire ants and letting him walk to Toledo.

* * *

TH;ibdihk;vfhdfbklvhdboufdbkudrjke[ofipnreipjdnfbj djpoinjv bldknjkv bdvcvd.

* * *

For the love of God, Valverde, throw Rios strikes.

……or not.

scottmerkin: Rios entered that at-bat 6-for-40 and Valverde walked him on five pitches

* * *

Thank God for Austin Jackson.

3 thoughts on “Game 57: RAGE!

  1. This is amazing. I am just… I am just speechless.

    You forgot the part where you vomit all over the people you’re raging at while you’re forcing the Shake of Fury down their throats. Other than that, very well done.

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