Livebloggin’ the WBC.

Sam, the mad genius behind Roar of the Tigers, will be hosting a liveblog of today’s Japan/S. Korea World Baseball Classic matchup here. Come join us in the insanity.

edit: I guess I’ll be adding some of my own thoughts here. For myself and anyone else who stumbles upon this blog, aka amariselv, ha ha.

Jon Sciambi looks like he’s been stuffed into his suit.

I have to say, I’m kind of relieved there are no more games in Tokyo. This round has effectively destroyed my sleeping patterns.

I wonder how many times Sciambi will mention Snuppy the Afghan hound or Mt. Fuji today.

We have Japanese Mike Mussina, people. Orestes loves comparing these Asian ballplayers to current (or recently retired) Major League counterparts. Like Chinese Ichiro (Sun Lingfeng), or Japanese Don Mattingly (Michihiro Ogasawara), or Chinese Randy Johnson (Chen Junyi). Whom he started relentlessly calling Little Unit because of his unfortunate mullet.

I really don’t understand the weird horn muzak they play to lead into commercial.

Jung Bong gets blinded by the light– of a million Japanese fans taking flash photography behind home plate.
Slick diving grab in centerfield by one of the many Lees on Korea’s roster.

“You’d rather face Australia…” I’m sure that’s what Mexico was thinking, and look how that turned out.

And Sciambi has a defensegasm as Murata turns in a nice play.

Also Orestes whips out the Japanese on the listening audience. Sexay.

Umm. Was that Jon Sciambi trying to sing My Girl by the Temptations as we went into a break?

Now we pan to a shot of Japanese cheerleaders looking as disinterested as Charley Steiner sounds.

No delightful Jon Sciambi tunes to take us to this break, sadly.

I’m basically just repeating what I’m posting in Sam’s liveblog.

Jung Bong’s no-hitter is broken up. In the third inning. Ah well.

Korean Batter gets on base to break up Japanese Pitcher’s perfect game. Still hitless though– oh, Jeong just got a basehit.

“The plot thickens,” according to Orestes. And we all know how Orestes loves all things “thick”.

Earlier tonight, during the U.S./Venezuela game, my mom misheard “bang bang play” as “gang bang play”. We both agreed that wasn’t something we wanted to see on a ballfield.

Then I zoned out for a few minutes while Orestes nattered on.

OMG WE HAVE A (kind of) JAPANESE GREG MADDUX (in some ways), Orestes could make an entire team of these guys on his very own.

Yu Darvish is warming up in the bullpen. Japan is GOING FOR THE JUGULAR. This has been a much better game than the last one South Korea and Japan played.

Bong has 66 pitches but stays in long enough to retire Ichiro and then is promptly lifted. Clutch performance from him.

So Bong is gone, but there were, disappointingly, no pot-related jokes cracked on his behalf.

Double switch shenans from Team Japan.

Mahara promptly comes in and gives up a single that puts runners on second and third. And Kim pulls up lame. D’oh. But Kim nobly waves the trainers and manager off.

Annnd Korea runs themselves promptly out of an inning with a double-baserunning brainfart and a flyout to center.

2 thoughts on “Livebloggin’ the WBC.

  1. Ah, man. I went to bed like an hour before you started this. I would have stayed and joined you had I known — instead of getting two hours of sleep before going to work, mind you. ;-)

    Quite the Asian Hall of Fame Orestes put together there. I wonder if he misses playing in Japan. I also kinda wonder what his obsession with chunkiness is, but maybe I don’t really want to know.

    Who did these Pool’s broadcasts? I’m willing to bet that had Gary Thorne done them, maybe he would have slipped a pot-related Bong joke. :-P

    • We’re doing more liveblogs at Roar of the Tigers for the Italy/Venezuela game at 5pm EST if you’re interested!

      I think he might, since he had his most success in Japan. And I don’t think we really want to delve too deep into his chubby chasing ways either. It’s best just to admire from afar ;P

      Ha ha, Jon Sciambi and Orestes Destrade called Pool A and they were, by far, the most entertaining broadcasters I heard. Even minus the pot-related Bong jokes.

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